Aura Pictures







Many People have got to know their innerself by having an aura picture taken. Your Aura will show how balanced your chakras are. Each Chakra is responsible for a certain part in your body.

It will show your personality type, if you are spiritual connected, creative, sexy even and much more maybe revealed. And also we can tell you if you have guides around you or Loved ones in the spirit world.


You will receive either a photo of your head and shoulders or your full body with the chakras. Also you will receive a 3 Page report, where you find the explanation and the meaning of your colors.

And then you can choose to have a reading from the Aura Photo. In this reading my husband connects through the picture and his guides with you and is able to tell you much more about yourself.


Here are some color explanations for the different color types of the Aura.




Deep Red: Realistic, Grounded, Active, Survival-Oriented


Red: Active, Powerful, Energetic, Vitality Competitive, Winner, Strong Will-Power, Sexual, Passionate, Relates to physical Body


Orange-Red: Artistic, Physical-Creative expression, Confidence, Creative Power, excitement


Orange: Creative, Productive, Adventurous, Courageous, Relates to Emotions


Orange-Yellow: Analytical Thinker, Creative, Intelligent, Scientific, Detail Oriented, Perfectionist 


Yellow: Creative, Intelligent, Playful, Lightness, Optimistic, Easy-going, Relates to Life Energy


Yellow-Green: Communicative, Logical, Balanced, Creative with Heart


Green: Teacher, Social, Communicator, Love People, Animals, Nature


Turquoise: Healer, Therapist, Sensitive, Peace, Tranquility, Compassionate


Blue: Caring, Sensitive, Loving, Helpful, Intuition, Love to Help Others


Indigo: Intuitive, Sensitive, Loyal, Deep Feelings, Relates to the Third Eye, Visual


Violet: Intuitive, Artistic, Magical, Futuristic, Idealistic, Relates to the Crown


Lavender:  Imagination, Visionary, Daydreamer, Etheric.


White: Spiritual, Transcendent, Higher Dimensions, Etheric, Non-Physical qualities


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